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Indonesia Culinary : Satay (Sate)

Indonesia Culinary : Satay (Sate)

Indonesia TourismSate or satay or sometimes written satai is a food made from pieces of meat (chicken satay, goat satay, lamb satay, beef satay, pork satay, satay fish, etc.) are cut into small pieces, and ditusuki with satay puncture is usually made ​​of bamboo, then burnt using charcoal embers. Sate is then served with a variety of seasonings (depends on satay recipe variations).

Sate known from Java, Indonesia, but satay also popular in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand. Sate is also popular in the Netherlands that influenced Indonesian cuisine once a colony. The Japanese version is called yakitori.

Satay Recipes and how to manufacture a wide range depending satay recipe variations and each region. Almost all types of meat can be made satay. As the origin of satay, Indonesia has a rich satay recipe variations, see the list of sate.

Usually given satay sauce. This sauce can be soy sauce, peanut sauce, or something else. To broil duck pond full menu is satay, peanut sauce or sweet spices spicy seasoning (according to taste) and a slice of tomato and cucumber. Then satay eaten with warm rice or, if in some areas served with rice cake. Sometimes satay is eaten with ketupat.

Indonesia Culinary : Satay (Sate)

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